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A private training system, we specialize in all styles of wrestling including collegiate and olympic styles.



Also known as collegiate style wrestling, folkstyle is the style of wrestling most popular in the United States. Folkstyle season typically runs from late October until early March. Open to all ages and experience levels.


Olympic Styles Wrestling

Consisting of Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling,
the Olympic Styles season begins immediately at the conclusion of the regular season. For many of our wrestlers, this is their favorite time of the year.



In just about every sport out there athleticism is essential to success on a high level. Terry Stye wrestling trains to compete daily on that high level. Our sport specific training is adjusted to the athletes.

Reasons to Choose Terry Style

At Terry Style, we focus on the relationship with the athlete. We take goal setting very seriously. We identify each wrestlers goals and hold them accountable to a high standard of training in order to find success. Our wrestlers strive to be the best in the state, country, and the WORLD! That is Terry Style!


Our staff coaches have both competed and coached at the highest levels.

Planning Ahead

We see the ‘big picture’ and can make success sustainable for wrestlers of all levels.

Proven Results

Terry Style has a track record of producing successful wrestlers and individuals.


The power of a relationship from coach to athlete is unmeasurable. Terry Style makes an effort to build long lasting relationships with the people that attend and believe in the process.

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